Learn how to build and develop the skills needed in order to provide every guest with a rockstar consultation.

What is Consultation Gamification?
Consultation Gamification is designed to be a multifaceted, drill and skill building game that will rapidly improve the skill of any salon team member, whether they have been working behind the chair for 20 years or 20 minutes. 
Check out this video to learn why we developed this game and how it will be an amazing asset to your salon
Vide0 #2: Back 2 Business
Watch this video to learn some helpful advanced tips you can use when running this game with your staff.
The Consultation Gamification starter pack holds all the tools you will need to build your knowledge and skill of performing the perfect consultation.  This starter pack is designed to play in a small, intimate setting for 2-4 players.  

It is the only game that the more you play, the more your consultation skills will increase, allowing you to sell more retail and prebook more clients, ultimately putting more money in your pocket!
Board Game STarter Pack
Starter Pack Includes:
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 1 Set of Game Instructions
  • 1 Timer
  • 1 Storage Box
  • 1 Storage Space for 6 Additional Packs
  • 1 Deck of Cards
    Deck Includes:

    -9 Consultation Cards
    - 7 Distraction Cards
    - 7 Objection Cards
    -7 Opportunity Cards
    -7 Opinion Cards
The Expansion Pack is designed to provide you with additional cards for the times when you are training a group of 4 people or more.  We recommend that you have one pack of cards for every pair of people on your team that are playing the game.  It is meant to be a team meeting training pack that will allow you to have the best team meeting your salon has ever had! 

If you have a large group of people that you are training in your salon, perhaps at your next team meeting, then the expansion pack is the perfect solution for you!  By holding a large Consultation Gamification team training with your entire staff, they will learn more and earn more!
6 Deck expansion pack
Expansion Pack Includes:
  • 6 Decks of Cards
  • Each Deck Includes:

     - 9 Consultation Cards
     - 7 Distraction Cards
      - 7 Objection Cards
      -7 Opportunity Cards
    -7 Opinion Cards
Interested in Purchasing Larger Quantities?
Please call: 916-258-5852 or email: info@highperformancesalon.com
How Many Sets of Cards do I Need?
We recommend that you start with the starter pack which comes with one deck of cards,  and then you would want to have an additional set of cards for every 2-4 people on your team.
How Long Does The Game Take to Play?
The game can take anywhere from 5-60 minutes depending on the type of play and version you are playing.  But the first time you run the game, plan for 30-60 minutes minimum to learn all the rules.  Once you understand the rules and have played the game before, you can actually successfully run a game in as little as 5 minutes.  
Who Should Play This Game?
Any service provider.  This was specifically created for hairdressers but other service providers such as nail techs, other spa staff and front desk providers can play the game and benefit from it.
How Many Ways Are There to Play This Game?
There are 3 main drills you can play that are designed to teach you the skills of having an amazing consultation and help the guest get back to business so you can sell more retail and prebook more guests.  In addition to that, there are 3 variations of the game to help challenge you.  You may even be able to make up your own other variations of the game to make it even more fun, enjoyable and entertaining.
Does it Matter What Retail Brands I Carry?
The Consultaiton Gamification Game was designed to be brand neutral.  So it doesn't matter what type of products you carry.  This game will still allow you to talk about, discuss and help the customer purchase more retail.
Can Teach this Game Outside of My Salon?
Your purchase of this game is meant to be used inside your salon with your salon's existing staff.  If you are interested in training other salons, in any other setting or for any distributor inquiries, please contact us in advanced for special permission to teach outside of your salon.
Can I Resell this to Other Salon's in My Area?
For any wholesale inquiries please contact us at 916-258-5855 or info@highperformancesalon.com
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